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Tangent…World Class, Global Vision
Tangent is world renowned as one of the leaders in defining and establishing new instrumental and world music. Distinguished by superb craftsmanship, high production values and, most importantly, creative integrity, its roster of artists and catalog of music are evolving to accommodate both a changing market and the cutting edge of new music.

Founded in 1987 as a quality alternative to traditional musical options, Tangent has become a trendsetter in jazz, new age, electronic, artrock, world beat, contemporary instrumental, and piano genres. Tangent’s diverse artist roster offers a broad range of individual musical outlooks. The catalog of recordings is ever expanding to include the best "Music Outside the Box."

24-Bit Audio Technology -- A Tangent Standard of Excellence
In our ongoing commitment to audio excellence, Tangent uses a high definition digital audio mastering process where background noise and distortion are virtually eliminated. The result is recordings with maximum detail and clarity -- a truly natural sound. Tangent Records shall continue to strive to provide the absolute best audio quality available.

Tangent Records released its first album in 1989, the debut release of Andrew Batchelor (MOMENTS EDGE).

Tangent’s commercial success and artistic stature both have grown dramatically since that modest beginning. Recognized by Billboard magazine, CD Review Magazine, JazzTImes, Music Connection, FM-QB, The Pac Report, and numerous other respected music industry publications as one of the Top up and coming new independent record labels featuring eclectic instrumental music.

Tangent has earned this distinction by successfully providing listeners with a quality alternative to traditional musical options and demonstrating that great things can happen when artistic integrity is preserved.

Today, Tangent works with artists from around the world. Tangent’s music is distinguished by its craftsmanship, its high production values, and, most importantly, its ability to touch hearts and stir imaginations.

Music Outside the Box
Tangent is a company that values both continuity and diversity in its creative endeavors. The common thread running though all of Tangent’s activities is commitment to quality and creativity– in presenting the cutting edge of new music, in studio production values, in album artwork, in material components, and most of all, in the heartfelt nature of its music.

Tangent’s instrumental music occupies a distinctive position on the contemporary musical landscape. While it is influenced by many idioms – electronic, jazz, world, folk, rock, pop and classical music – the music of Tangent’s artists articulates a new, refined musical voice, one that appeals to individuals who possess sophisticated tastes and an interest in fresh musical ideas. Tangent’s music exudes a quality of craftsmanship that touches the hearts and minds of listeners in a lasting fashion.

The music industry is sometimes criticized by those who feel that record companies offer material that is socially detrimental. Tangent though is dedicated to pursing a positive, constructive approach to the art of music. Tangent will continue to affiliate its music with organizations that are committed to creating a better quality of life and a brighter world for tomorrow.

For its part, Tangent remains committed to nurturing the finest in contemporary music – music created by some of the most imaginative, sensitive, and expressive artists in the world. Sophisticated. Innovative. Heartfelt. Progressive.

Tangent…Into the Future
As we enter the new millennium, Tangent looks ahead toward a vision of a bright future. Tangent and its artists share the commitment to creativity and artistic integrity. Tangent shall continue to ensure continued success and growth into the next millennium for the label and its artists.

Tangent is well positioned to serve the needs of music listeners who will continue to demand quality, innovation and imagination in their music choices. Tangent has developed a reputation for creating music that touches listeners’ hearts and stirs their own creative instincts. In a world of increasingly refined technology, few products have the capacity to evoke the fullest potential from this technology as Tangent recordings. It is our goal to use creativity and technology to help fulfill art’s greatest promises.

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